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About LadyT

Tandu-La Lomax is a Northern Virginia based entertainment personality, as well as marketing and communications specialist. She is an active member of her church, an established dancer and visual artist, as well as bright budding entrepeneur. Tandu-La graduated Cum Laude from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast and Integrated Media. It was during her time at Morgan State that Tandu-La began working as a radio host for WEAA 89.9 and adopted her on-air personage, LadyT.


LadyT uses her passion to not only build and strengthen her local community, but to forge a mission of global unity and understanding. She's your host with the most, your go-to producer, your beauty guru, your source of creative inspiration, and your ideal talent personality all wrapped up in the illustrious persona of LadyT. She seeks to add color to the world and to be an outspoken voice for change in her generation.

About IDIA Creations

IDIA Creative Components

I Do It All (IDIA) Creations is a multimedia production company founded by Tandu-La Lomax (a.k.a. LadyT) in 2017. IDIA houses four creative components each with their own unique identity, but sharing the common purpose of Adding Color to Your Vision.

The mission of IDIA Creations is to inspire unity, creativity, and originality on a global scale through influential media. 



  • IDIA Creations Studio: Offers customized social media and marketing strategies, as well as photography/video direction, promotional materials, and creative conceptualization.

  • LadyT, Let's Talk about It: focuses on bridging the gap between generations by utilizing social media platforms to initiate open discussions about topics that may be sensitive, controversial, or taboo in order to catalyze positive change

  • LadyT, On the Move: captures humble moments of individuals and groups as they add to the greater good of the community, start new businesses, and step out of their comfort zone to challenge the status quo in diverse ways.

  • TanjiStylz: Serving the hottest lewks all day, every day. Tanji is available for style bookings to clients in the Northern VA/ DC/MD area, and beauty lovers world-wide can catch her on YouTube.


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Meet The Team


Justin Reeves

Manager | Co-Producer


Dessadra Lomax

Brand Strategist | Co-Producer


Courtney Sauls

Production Assistant


Myles Moorman

Technical Advisor


Savannah Burns

Web Design | Marketing Strategist

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